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Here are some examples of the facilities and programmes the CFI has in its sights ...

    A Fortean Wiki
    A first stop source for all your Fortean information needs.

    Reference Library
    Books, periodicals and ephemora touching on every and any topic relevant to serious study. Initial thoughts are to eschew the physical lending of valuable stock in favour of consultation in person. The main means of access, though, will probably be electronic: we shall explore the potential of developing a parallel library of digitally scanned books and periodicals accessed via the Internet. We shall also explore, in conjunction with publishers and author copyright collection agencies, the possibility of collecting legal royalties from users on behalf of authors.

    Artifacts, natural objects, tangible evidence, physical remains, explanatory exhibits and educational displays would be a good public attraction. It is likely, though, that the museum department of CFI would exist first as a virtual museum accessible via the Internet. This department would also stimulate research by encouraging the collection , study and conservation of objects of Fortean interest, through innovative displays and exhibitions.

    Newsclippings and photocopies -- and the volatile electronic files generated on the Internet -- constitute a huge and unexploited resource containing a mine of information. The editors of Fortean Times will be donating their 25 year collection, which includes several other collections gathered on the way. A long-term strategy of scanning to optical storage media matched with a sophisticated indexing system will make them accessible to users.

    Picture Library
    Pictorial evidence and documentation, including film, video and other media. It is intended that revenue from functioning as a commercial picture library will help fund the rescue and conservation of valuable material.

    Internet Access
    The heart of the CFI will be an active IT department, serving not only the administrative side but most other departments, especially information services and electronic publishing. It is hoped that CFI's IT department will make a significant contribution of its own to library technology as it innovates creative solutions to Fortean data-processing and Internet access to the Museum, Library and Archives.

    Research & Colloquia
    CFI will encourage research programmes by subsidising publishing and organising the dissemination and discussion of results in lectures, conferences and specialist forums. CFI will endeavour to seek out funds to administer as grants for research, exhibitions and expeditions.

    These may range from public information leaflets, reading and subject guides and the proceedings of conferences to specialist books, theses and reports. A particular opportunity arises to compile substantial reference works such as Chronologies, Encyclopaedias, Geographical Histories and Who's Who.

    Information for Schools
    CFI will run a campaign to provide better information on Fortean topics for schools, including special reading lists, guides, and sampler materials for in-school discussions groups and talks.. The aims here are to encourage a better understanding of social and scientific attitudes to Fortean phenomena, stressing the importance of clear thinking in assessing the varieties of evidence and theories.

    If you have any other ideas about what the CFI should be doing, please email CFI

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