the mystery of the cut-off human ears solved

I admit that, after my last post, my thoughts involuntarily drifted back to that strange account of the parcel containing freshly cut-off human ears. What frightening serial ear collector or worse was stalking the city of Lodz and its environs? What actually do I know about such an arcane subject as pre-world war II Polish urban terrors, night stalkers, mystery prowlers and serial killers? Not much. Searching for clues on the internet yielded nothing in terms of weird crime in that country and that time period remotely resembling the account published earlier. 

I briefly read up on some modern day Polish serial killers with terrible sounding names (as if they had stepped out of a Penny Dreadful) as 'the Vampire of Bytów', the 'Zaglebie Vampire' or the 'Gentleman Killer'. But on my mysterious ear collector, nothing.

Digging for other accounts of the event and possible follow-ups in an American digital newspaper archive, I located a brief follow-up published in several newspapers, that I reproduce here solve the mystery. I reproduce them all here, since there are some subtle differences in the accounts. Most astonishing of all is that the 26 human ears had become 52 human ears - possibly an error in translation.

However; the Polish dark fiend that I was already trying to visualize, it now seems, has no basis in reality. Like the Remade Jack-Half-a-Prayer in China Miéville's immensely captivating fantasy tales or Ogawa (easily the most scary fictional human being ever created) in Mo Hayder's Tokyo, the Demon Ear Cutter of Lodz will perhaps someday live again on the pages of a horror tale. Or prowl derelict Communist era flats in this or that Polish city as an urban terror. Most likely the incident will remain forgotten. But read Miéville's beautiful and very, very Fortean short story 'Reports Of Certain Events In London' anyway.

Van Wert Times, Van Wert, Ohio, 6 September 1930

Kokomo Times, Kokomo, Indiana, 1 August 1930

Boyden Reporter, Boyden, Iowa, 28 August 1930

Chester Times, Chester, Pennsylvania, 21 November 1930

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