Cottingley Cottage Update

Recently I reported that the cottage at the centre of the Cottingley Fairies case was up for sale.  I did get frequent emails asking if I was still interested in a house in the area for a few months after!  However I can confirm that the house has now sold and the good news is that it has a sympathetic owner!

Actor Dominic Brunt (Emmerdale) has bought the house.  According to the editiorial in Fortean Times 248 Dominc, co-organiser of theLeeds Zombie Festival,

"Dominic, it turns out, is not just an obsessive zombie buff but also a long-time FT reader (“to my wife’s dismay I never throw a copy away”)"

So it's pleasing to know that the place is in safe hands.  I wonder if he'll be seeing Zombie Fairies whilst he's there?

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