Most Haunted

Most Haunted has a lot to answer for.

All around the UK paranormal groups are popping up. It seems all you need to do paranormal investigations nowadays is a camera with infrared facilities and you can call yourself a paranormal investigator. From personal experience some groups are there for the right reasons - they see a mystery and they want to try to solve it. Others are there merely because they want to become famous. And some of these latter groups are the ones with the loudest voices. They get noticed by the press and usually held up to ridicule, thus ridiculing the whole field of Fortean research. It's a sad state of affairs but true. I've recently been out with an excellent group and I've been to some locations with them.

I've always had an interest in evp ever since issue 1 of The Unexplained (a weekly part work from Orbis publications) gave a free flexi disc of evp voices. I've tried it myself a number of times with very little success it must be said. I've listened to the Ghost Orchid CD until my brain has melted and I even have a copy of Konstatin Raudives original book, in German no less.

But now I'm about to take it one stage further with the purchase of a dictaphone specifically for evp. Previously I've just made do with what tape or minidisc recorder I have happened to have to hand at the time. But now I'm buying a recommended dictaphone - the Sony i300 as recommended by Ghost Finders and the American Association of EVP. Can't be bad.

Whilst I await the arrival of said dictaphone and the instant recording of thousands of spirits all wanting to give me next weeks Lottery Numbers I've had to amuse myself with something else. My background in photography and too much Most Haunted came to the help here. I've been trying infrared photography. I'd tried it in the past with film but now with digital cameras a simple and relatively inexpensive filter has opened up a whole new world for me. And now I need to purchase more. I've looked at the Most Haunted type IR illuminators but they're not very powerful. So the next purchase will be a 2 000 000 candle power infra red torch. It's a beast but it should show up whatevers happening in the dark on Mars!

Hmm - infrared photographs, an evp tape recorder, perhaps I'd better set up a paranormal research group!

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