Of Vampire Rabbits...

Some of you UK readers of a certain age may remember a Vampire Duck - Count Duckula no less, and of course we all know the goat sucker El Chupacabras, but how about a vampire rabbit?

In a corner of Newcastle in the North East of England there has long lurked such a thing.  It's behind the St Nicholas Cathedral in an area known as Amen Corner.

Above the entrance to a firm of lawyers lurks this cunning beast.  A creature of the night but proud to show itself to all during the day.  The vampire rabbit.

Vampire rabbit

Nobody knows its origins, but there is a rumour that after a bit of damage the ears were replaced the wrong way round changing it from a vampire hare to the current rabbit.  A recent paint job has changed it to a menacing black but still its teeth and claws are blood red.  The building it guards was built in the early twentieth century so it's a relatively modern innovation, but even though it's modern its still a mystery.  Just one of many mysteries to be found in Newcastle (I won't mention that many are covered in my forthcoming book- Paranormal Newcastle, available for preorder at Amazon).

If you do know anything about the vampire rabbit then please get in tocuh it would be great to know its origins and purpose.

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