Welcome Tent Annexe

Bob has welcomed everyone and said a bit about the reason for the CFI being here, so I'd just like to make a personal addition to that.

After seeing the CFI through it's birth and first stages Bob decided to step aside and asked me if I would be interested in taking over the reigns as head of the CFI. I said yes and instantly gave myself lots of headaches. Thankfully they are now gone and the future of the CFI looks exciting. We've had and continue to have a lot of people working away in the background and they have all done excellent jobs. I'd just like to quickly publicly thank three of them - Dino, Craig and Paul. Thanks guys.

Creative energies have been channeled into the website and blog area that you see before you, now that this is up and running Stew and I will get back to the next newsletter - we still aim to keep that going, just another way to join in the fun that is the CFI!

Thanks everyone.

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