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Yowies in Spaaaaaace

Caught an interesting little factoid in the Curious Snail print edition this morning. The article should be here.

For those of you who don't want to check it out, a near Earth object out somewhere between Mars and Jupiter has been named Girraween, after a quite beautiful national park to the southwest of Brisneyland (here). Girraween is well known for its large granite outcrops and precariously balanced rocks which just make you want to clamber over them dressed in a pretty white dress screeching MIRANDAAAAA at the top of your lungs. I guess it's not the worst name for a chunk of rock floating out in space.

I last went there almost a year ago when Bron and I spent our anniversary at the Girraween Environmental Lodge. Not enough time to really explore (especially since one whole day was taken up with a wine tour), however we went on a bushwalk through the park 5 or 6 years ago to "Captain Thunderbolt's Hideout" and was surprised to see some local grafitti on the rocks depicting Yowies. Now I can't seem to find any recorded sightings of Yowies in the area, but at least some of the locals seem to think they're about.

I think I might have some pics recorded somewhere in the bowels of Bron's digital files - might take some digging though.

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