Exciting news from Mr X

Fortean researcher Mr X (yes that's his real name) has been in touch with me with some good news.

As many of you are no doubt aware Charles Fort produced his notes on small index cards and these are now lodged at the New York Library.  Carl J Pabst transcribed these notes to make a complete collection.  At one point he tried to sell the collection to us here at The Charles Fort Institute.  The amount he was asking for was unreasonable.  After his death John H Reed was able to buy the notes from the owners of the home.  Since 2014 these notes have been scanned and sent to Mr X.  Mr X is adding them to a database and removing errors and checking all original references.  These notes along with comments by Tiffany Thayer when present are now available at Mr X's site.


Only 15% of the notes are there and Mr X is continuing the task so more will be added.

A fuller account of the history of all of these notes is also there.

Thank you Mr X.


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