Charles Fort Institute Fortean Book of the Year 2014

If you're anything like me then you have a pile of books in the "to read" pile which is generally quite close to hitting the ceiling.  You work your way through them but you are constantly buying more books and adding to the pile.  Hopefully by now you have got through the books from 2014! 

So lets find out what the best Fortean book published in 2014 was!

Any book on any Fortean topic is eligible as long as its first publication took place in 2014.  What you need to do is put forward your nomination(s) (you can nominate as many as you like) and then we all vote on the books.

Time wise lets say we have until midnight (BST) on Wednesday the 13th of May to nominate.   And then voting will open until Wednesday the 17th of June, again midnight BST.  That's a full five weeks to vote which will hopefully give you a chance to read some of the interesting ones that you had not heard of previously.

This is a chance to get your favourite book from last year more well known.   A chance for you to discover some books you may have missed.  And a chance to celebrate Fortean books in all their forms.

We might end up with a huge list.  We might end up with a small list that's up to you.  All you have to do is nominate.  You can do that through the "Contact Us" on the left of this text or by clicking here.   Then I'll set up a new page with all the nominations on and then you just have to vote for your favourite.

We'll try and get an interview with the winning writer(s) and  put that up on these hallowed pages.  We'll definitely inform them that they have won and that they have the right to proclaim to the world that theirs was the Charles Fort Institute's Fortean Book of the Year 2014.

Spread the word and nominate.

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