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Hot Chocolate No Doubt About It.



You just have to watch the cheesy 1980's pop video (just click on the single cover above)  or listen to the lyrics of the song and you're left with no doubt about it.  This is a song about a close encounter of the third kind.

A number 2 hit in the UK in May 1980 lead singer Errol Brown has always claimed that the songs success took the record company (RAK) by surprise and they ran out of copies of the single and had to re press it.  This delay in sales meant it never sold enough in a specific week to be number one in the charts.

My memory of the song at the time it was released (yes I am that old, difficult to believe from my picture!) was that every time it was played we would get the same story that it was about a UFO encounter by the writers.   The writers were Mike L Burns, Steve Glen and Donny Most.  At the time the talk was about a close encounter of the third kind taking place at Stonehenge -experienced by one of the writers and his wife.  Or as Errol Brown put it in a 2009 interview with The Mail on Sunday (25th of January) "This was written by two guys who thought they saw a UFO over Hampstead Heath".

It turns out the encounter was witnessed by Steve Glen and Mike Burns.

The details are given from the horses mouth as it were in this interview from The Borehamwood Times of March the 11th 2011.

“It’s a true story. I was driving on the Hendon Way
with my writing partner Mike Burns and he pointed up in sky and said
‘what’s that up there?’ I nearly drove off the road. I was
producing The Toys at the time and the band was following behind us in
a van. I veered off onto West Heath Road and stopped by the Leg Of
Mutton Pond. It was right above us. It was massive – about
four or five houses wide and when we got out to have a look, an orange
cloud came out of it.”


“The reason I’ve not talked about it much for 30 years is everyone
said at the time we must be on drugs but all six of us saw it. We asked
each other ‘did you see that?’ and we all said, ‘yes’. We
went straight back to Mike’s house in Long Elms and wrote the song No
Doubt About It. I’d never written one so quick, and it was Hot
Chocolate’s biggest seller.”

The locations mentioned are all in the Hamstead Heath area of London.  So not Stonehenge.  And not a close encounter of the third kind, just a sighting.  But a UFO sighting that nearly made it to the number one spot in the UK charts.  How many UFO witnesses can say they have had that level of exposure to their sighting!

If someone tells you there's no other form of life

And you believe in that too.
I'm gonna tell you 'bout the other night

I swear that is true.
A cloud of white and gren and flying ships I've never seen

Came into my view.
Was I frighted
was I scared

Was I thrown into confusion.
As they glided down so silently

It wasn't an illusion.
no doubt about it.
No doubt about it.

What kind of magnetism kept me in this place

Was it out of my control?
What was this ship from out of space?
What was the creature that appeared before my eyes?
Was it good
was it evil

On this ship from other skies?
I was frighted
I was scared

I was thrown into confusion.
As they stood right there in front of me

What can they be
no illusion.
no doubt about it.
No doubt about it.

Stood right there in front of me

What can they be
no illusion.
no doubt about it.
No doubt about it

Lyrics from, written by D. MOST, S. GLEN, M. BURNS, published by Lyrics © MUSIC & MEDIA INT'L, INC.



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