Charles Fort Blue Plaque Unveiling



As detailed in my previous post Saturday the the 28th of March 2015 was the official unveiling of the Marchmont Association Blue Plaque at 39 Marchmont Street, London.  Fort lived there from 1921 to 1928 whilst researching at the nearby British Library.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the ceremony but the event was well attended by Fortean well wishers.  Chief amongst the celebrants were Fortean Times co founder Paul Sieveking and The London Fortean Society's own Scott Wood.  Paul has written some text for us about the event and David V Barrett (also of The London Forten Society) has provided some photographs and Paul Cullivan and Jeff Harrison have provided a video.  A report will be appearing in a future edition of Fortean Times.

From Paul Sieveking

The new plaque commemorating Charles Fort’s seven-year sojourn in
London was unveiled on 39 Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury, on Saturday, 28 March
2015, by Lazzaro Pietragnoli, Mayor of Camden, and Paul Sieveking, founding
co-editor of Fortean Times, who together reached out of a window in
Fort’s sitting room and pulled a cord. Scott Wood, co-organiser of the London
Fortean Society, read the opening passage of The Book of the Damned and
Paul added a few comments about Fort’s view of the world. There were about 20
people there, including Ricci de Freitas, Chairman of the Marchmont Association,
which organized the creation of the new plaque, along with David V Barrett and
other members of the London Fortean Society, and FT’s art director Etienne

Paul Sieveking

Ricci de Freitas and Scott Wood

Lazzaro Pietragnoli, Mayor of Camden


The Unveiling
Thanks to Paul for the words, David for the photographs, Jeff Harrison and Paul Cullivan for the video, the Marchmont Association for the plaque and Scott for representing a world of Forteans



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