An Out of the Ordinary Auction

So - you've bought the dream house to live in courtesy of the Fortean Property Portfolio features, you're going to be amassing a suitably Fortean music collection to listen to but what will actually go in the house?  How will you furnish it?

Naturally there has to be a Cabinet of Curiosities but how to get your curios?  Fear not.  The auction house that is Christies is here to lend a hand.

They are hosting a London based auction called Out of the Ordinary on the 3rd of September and there is also an online only strand set to run till the 10th of September.

Prices are not cheap but there are some nice things, and some that don't seem that out of the ordinary to me - but that possibly says more about me than about the auction!

So what is on offer?

Well, on the online auction there are some original Shipton Yeti footprint photographs, complete with some hand written notes.

The estimate on these is between £3 000 and £5 000 and at time of writing they are up to £3 800.

There are also several glass models of jellyfish (£4 000), an Elephant Bird egg (starting bid of £10 000, but no one bidding yet - a chance to swoop in for a bargain!), a fossilised giant fern frond (£5 000) and many others.   A total of 36 online only items. 

So what do we have on offer at the auction house itself?  A grand total of 185 items, ranging from some quite ordinary ones (to me at least) such as some brass mirrors, various paintings and some model cars.  But there are things of more immediate interest.  Having an interest in Science Fiction and HorrorI feel I have to flag up the life size xenomorph statue modelled on the first Alien film (£2 500 - £3 500) but there are also several meteorites - including one from Mars (£4 000 - £ 6000).  There's a second World War Enigma Machine as well (£40 000 - £60 000).  A Giant Spider Crab (£5 000 - £8 000).  There's even some papier mache horse teeth(!) (£2 500 - £4 500) - most of the other things I can see the appeal of even if I don't want to buy them myself but these, seriously?

The cheapest item is

"An English Dinosaur Bone"

a mere £500 to £800 for a piece of an Iguanodon.

And the most expensive item is (to quote from the catalogue)


£80 000 to £120 000 as you're asking.

But for me the most desirable are, well, the dinosaur bone is cool but we also have an Oak Capture Chair for £25 000 to £35 000.

A button press at the back snaps steel bands in place to hold your victim there.  Straight from the movies!  It's actually a Victorian piece presumably fuelled by all the books telling us of these things being found in castles inhabitated by evil types.

An Italian demonstration coffin.  Complete with fake corpse (£2 500 - £3 500). 

A pair of taxidermy zebracorns for for £3 000 to £5 000 (by the way they are the Plains Zebra, not Quagga, which is a sub species). 

A coco de mer occassional table for £2 000 to £3 000

and finally a pen that went to the moon (cue jokes about Russians using pencils), but not a joke at £15 000 to £25 000.

So if anyone is feeling generous...


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