We've Gone Mainstream

In an attempt to get back to regular blogging a short one today with more to come.

Occassionally some of the things we are insterested in as Forteans become mainstream and have a life outside of our special interest group.  One such example was all of the material used in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. 

But last night I was somewhat bemused by a drunken "conversation" I could not fail but to hear.  I think we're all used to hearing the occasional shouting match between two people outside of a pub and that's what I intitially took this for.  Until the words being used started to penetrate my brain.  This was a shouted argument about alleged cover ups in the Madeline McCann case, strange enough in itself.  But to top it off after one individual had vented their spleen about their take on the case they were met with the following ripost "You f***ing illuminati c**t". 

Worthy of Kant and Leibnitz themselves I'm sure you can agree.

But being an illumnati, erm, stooge as a withering comment in a drunken argument.  Brilliant.

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