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As regular readers will know I have a bit of a thing about Fortean property - even if it is outside of my price range!

Recently I was invited to do an online interview with Steve Parsons and Ron Kolek at Ghost Chronicles Live.  The topic of discussion was to be a famous case of poltergeist activity and haunting which was investigated by the Society For Psychical Research in 1897.  The way they investigated it was cool - they rented the property for a month or so and a large number of people visited and reported on their experiences.  The whole episode was written up as The Alleged Haunting of B..... House by John Crichton-Stuart and Ada Goodrich-Freer.  The whole book is annoying in one respect - most of the names are redacted in the same form as the name of the house in the title, it does make for frustrating reading!  This all despite a number of points in the case being discussed openly in the pages of the Society of Psychical Research and The Times Newspaper!  However the case is interesting (and possibly the subject of another blog) and I have visited the location in question so I was more than happy to speak.  But the thrust of this post is the house itself - it's called Ballechin House and It's just south of Pitlochry in Perthshire.  And unfortunatley the house itself burnt down in 1963.  A few outbuildings and the servants quarters remained.  But phoenix like a new house arose on the spot, and it incorporated some of the walls from the previous building.  As I was having a quick look around the 'net to see if there were any extra pieces of information about Ballechin House- and what did I find - but the current house has been up for sale!  And for the price of £660 000 - they missed a trick there with the price!

The house and the schedule can be viewed still online.

The house is no longer for sale, as far as I can tell it didn't sell and was simply withdrawn from the market, so if you're interested it might still be available!

If you want to hear the podcast then clicking here will give you the chance to download it.


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