Measuring The Circle:

Armed only with a Ring of Confidence, Bob looks towards the Fortean future.

The Welcome Tent

Let me guess! You're either a long-time well-wisher of the CFI or simply curious. Either way, I'm glad you've found this blog site where you - all of you, and for whatever reason - are very welcome.

In its decade or more of slow gestation, the Charles Fort Institute (CFI) has been more of an idea than a reality. Progress has met many obstacles - shortage of funds, of time, tedious consultations on charities law, and so on - but the central idea and goals of the CFI have inspired a kind of dogged determination in those who know of it to see it through.

So, after detours and delays, here we are with something tangible ... and from this small step we hope to grow an institution that will benefit every fortean researcher, the general public and posterity.

There is so much to discuss - so many ideas, enthusiasms, projects, aims and goals - that mentioning them all here would clog this inaugural message. After all, our growing list of bloggers, their topics and the discussions they hope to provoke, is the main point of these pages.

Our ultimate aim, though, is to progress towards a thoroughly 21st century resource, attracting whatever funding we can to function fully and professionally. The core will be an archive of materials on fortean and related topics, which will include both physical media (books, periodicals, video, etc) and digitised data, so that our holdings will be accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet. We already have a few collections donated with more promised in wills; their storage and cataloguing, therefore, will be one of our first priorities.

Now that we have this site up and running - and work is going on in the background to overhaul the main CFI home site- the chief obstacle to dissemination knowledge of the CFI has been overcome. We can conduct our affairs openly and invite anyone who thinks our aims have merit to
join us.

In the past, it seemed like the CFI was a closed shop, run by a few with grand ideas. That was definitely not our intention. We did not openly promote the CFI because not only did we not have the means, we had no real organisation and no benefits to offer members. Now, thanks to a
new generation of bright young enthusiasts, we have this medium, perfect for discussions, for reaching out, and for being visible.

Please take a moment to look over our aims - - and if they excite you as they do us, please join us.

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