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Every year for a long time I've reviewed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Edinburgh International Book Festival with Fortean overtones for Fortean Times and more recently exclusively for this website.  And it's that time of year again - the Fringe is starting up as I write this and the tents are being put up for the Book Festival.  I'll report on what I can.  But as there are 2 871 show's performed by 24 107 artists in 273 venues across Edinburgh I won't be able to make them all!  Heck some of them I won't even know about as going through the brochure is a mammoth effort in itself!  If you see or know of any shows you think I should go to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

One person has been in touch about his own show and it definitely looks to be of a Fortean theme -  Paul Gannon's Ain't Afraid of No Ghost,

We also we have a packed programme from the Edinburgh Skeptics in the Pub.

A few other things are happening as well, for example until November 3rd the National Galleries of Scotland are having an exhibition of paintings entitled Witches and Wicked Bodies.   The Edinburgh Fortean Society is taking a break as venues are hard to come by during the Fringe but they will be back with their monthly meetings after the Fringe has finished, with a first meeting in September with Caroline Watt talking about precognitive dreams.

Of course if you have an event coming up let us know and we can publicise it on these pages and we can also add it to the Fortean Events listing which I will keep updated as soon as I get details of events.  There is a permanent link to this calendar at the top of this page.

Well, I'm off to see shows soon - think of the sacrifices I am making, but I'm sure it will be worth it!


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