Review - Edinburgh Fringe: Ian D. Montfort - Unbelievable

Ian D. Montfort - Unbelievable

At Pleasance Courtyard 18.35 by Tom Binns / EdCom Productions

Ian D. Montfort is a medium.  But don't think Derek Acorah or any of those other mediums you see on the TV.  No, they only channel people you knew during your life.  And that's boring for the rest of us.  Montfort channels famous people, a veritable chat show for ghosts!  Who care if Auntie Ethel like what you've done to the house?  No, we want to hear that Elvis is looking after our departed pets.  That's where mediums should be taking us.  And that's exactly what Montfort does.

There were soem people waiting to go in saying they didn't want to see a mediuma nd why were they here once they glanced the poster above advertising the show.  Well glad you did your homework before buying a ticket.  But they need not have feared - this is unlike any other medium show you have ever seen.  Tom Binns in the personna of Ian D. Montfort is, as they say, comedy gold.  He has the mannerisms of several famous mediums down to a t and he has a wit to match.  There's audience participation for some with potential good natured embarassment for others.  Those who experienced that didn't seem to mind as they were finding it as funny as the rest of us.  Ian D. Montfort is not a medium, he's a comedium and his job as spokesperson for pseudoscience in the Science and Drama (think about it) department at Sunderland University couldn't be in better hands.  Bring back Most Haunted and have Montfort on!

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