Review - Edinburgh Fringe: Helen Keen: Robot Woman of Tomorrow

Helen Keen: Robot Woman of Tomorrow

At Pleasance Courtyard 15.30 by Avalon Promotions / Helen Keen

You may know Helen Keen from It is Rocket Science, various Radio 4 show's or even the Fortean Times UnConvention.  Two things you will know if you have encountered her before is that she is a geek and proud of it and also she is very, very funny.  Particularly if you are also a geek.  Which says something about me.

Just to give you an idea where Keen is coming from she was inspired by reading science fiction and by the following painting.

It's entitled Going to the Opera in the Year 2000 and was painted in 1882 by Albert Robida.  The flying cars we all knew would come in the 21st century but don't quite seem to have made it yet.  I can see how this painting can inspire.

So this show looks into the future.  Or at least how some people interepreted the future and  how some have genuinely brought it to life (as demonstrated by shadow puppets), and how some have subverteted it to their own ends.  Just seriously do not do a search for Roxxxy, let Keen tell you about her instead - it's less sad being told about it with a crowd of people around you than searching for it.  And who knows who might find the digital footprint you leave behind?  But back to the show, she's a geek, she's a Fortean, she's one of us, she's funny and she's well worth going to see.  See it now before you forget what the future could and indeed should have been.

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