Review - Edinburgh Fringe: Richard Wiseman: Psychobabble

Richard Wiseman: Psychobabble

At The Canons' Gait by Richard Wiseman / PBH’s Free Fringe 12.10 and 18.05, Wednesday's only

Richard Wiseman is a former professional magician and is now a professor in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and author of a number of books of a Fortean interest, most recently Rip it Up.

So we have - in a rather crowded basement bar - a mix of psychology, magic and good old Forteana.   The audience warmed to Richard instantly and were treated to an hour of laughter and insight.  They also learned one or two things which I guarantee a large proportion have since attempted themselves. 

I promise this is the only show on the whole Fringe that will teach you how to make a chicken out of a tea towel.  I kid you not. 

I don't want to list all of things that happen during the hour but you'll be amazed and amused in equal measure.  Richard's handling of an audience is excellent - if only all university professor's were like this! Catch it while you can, as they say.

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