Review - Edinburgh Fringe: The Good, The Bad and the Extraterrestrials

The Good, The Bad and the Extraterrestrials

At Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 14.45 and by

This show is part of the free fringe - what that means is that there are no tickets and when you leave if you have enjoyed the show you make a voluntary contribution.  After seeing this show I was more than happy to cough up.

The poster promised an interactive western / sci fi comedy - for some the phrase interactive may be a put off, but don't worry, in this show it's minimal.

So, what do we have - we do have a Western, we do have sci fi and we do have comedy.  The young actors company are all aged under 21 and are all full of enthusiasm.  And they're also all crammed into a very small room.  And there's a lot of them.  And then there's the audience too.  Pretty quickly the side room at the Espionage Club becomes full but over the course of the 45 minute long show it was never an issue.  I found myself totally involved with the show and ignoring any potential levels of discomfort.

A bit more Magnificient Seven than The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with an equal measure of Mars Attack and Blazing Saddles it certainly delivered on its poster promise.  Is probably not going to win a Fringe award but it is an enjoyable 45 minutes full of laughter, which is more than can be said for some other comdey shows on the Fringe.  The plot revolves around our hero and his quest to find his (ambigiuosly moralled) girlfriend after her abduction by aliens.  Of course any such quest in a western needs a posse and after a bit of lying that's what we end up with.  A slightly less than traditional posse it must be said - there's a gambler, a priest, a fortune teller and a cross dressing girl in search of her brother amongst others.  This rag tag bunch takes us through some adventures including the smallest scale version of the opening of Mars Attacks I have ever seen and ultimately they leave the way open for a sequel.  After having watched this show all I can say is - bring it on for a Fistful of Robots!

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