Coming Soon - A Fortean at the Fringe

August in Edinburgh is what can only be described as a rather hectic time.  You can't shake a thylacine without hitting a festival!

For a number of years I have been covering material of a Fortean nature for the Fortean Times website.  This has mainly been from the Fringe Festival and the Book Festival.  After last years events had finished and everything had died down I copied the relevant reviews (and here, and here as well)over to this site and they seem to have gone down well.  And so, for the first time ever I shall now be putting the reviews up here first.

For those who don't know what this is all about the Fringe was established as an alternative to the Edinburgh Festival in 1947 and it has grown to what is now the world's largest arts festival.  This year there are 42 096 performances of of 2 695 shows in 279 venues.  814 of these shows are free.  In 2011 nearly 2 000 000 tickets were sold.  

So I'll be going to shows and reviewing them.  And they'll all be up on this site.  If you know of any shows I should see then let me know. There's a lot of Fortean fare including Reanimator -The Musical and a lot of things that are not Fortean but tend to be of interest to Forteans, for example My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver.  So there's a lot for me to get through.  I guarantee I won't be able to see everything I want to.  I guarantee I will see some brilliant shows.  I guarantee I will see some rubbish shows.  And I guarantee I won't know which is which until I've seen them.  Wish me luck.  I'll need it.

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