Fortean Property Portfolio - for free!

I've posted many entries under the heading of Fortean Property Portfolio but I appreciate some of them have been a little on the expensive side.  So here is one that everyone can afford because it's free!  I got the information for this from our good friend at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman, and his original blog post on it can be found here.

The house in questionis being offered by the Fayetteville Freethinkers and is in Fayettevile, Arkansas.  In an affidavit they set out the conditions and the fact that the house will be in a liveable condition.

Basically to get the prize you have to present them with a Bigfoot- living or dead.

Now they are presumably doing this for a bit of publicity and a laugh, but how awesome woudl it be if soemone succesfully claimed on the prize!  Get hunting folks.



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