Fortean Property Portfolio

The latest entry in the Fortean property portfolio is hopefully a little bit more acheivable! 

Previous entries, whilst they may be desirable residences, have been out of the reach of many of us (if you think their prices were peanuts then please contact the CFI, you could fund a lot of exciting projects!).  But courtesy of my good friend Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo and the International Cryptozoology Museum we have something that we can all indulge in:-

Of particular apeal for those interested in conspiracy theories we have the Texas School Book Depository of Dallas- the very location from which it is alleged Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed JFK.  And it's an absolute bargain at only $95.  And it's only 3 1/4" tall!  Ok it's a replica but still...

The signage at the top is as it was on the 22nd of November 1963.  Please note for those worried about the misspelling of Chevrolet there is another image of this model which has it spelled correctly - presumably the above image is a preproduction model?  And a quick update from Loren who contacted the manufacturers - the incorrect spelling is the only version available.

The buliding can be bought at and when Loren was having a wander around he found some other buildings which may be of interest:-

The Dakota of Rosemary's Baby and John Lennon murder fame

and Petra of, well, Petra fame!

Thanks for the heads up Loren and good luck for those starting out with their Fortean Property portfolio, or indeed a new cabinet of curiosities!

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