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The latest entry into the Fortean Property Portfolio is a 321 acre woodland just outside Edinburgh.  Yester Woods is being sold for offers over £450 000 by CKD Galbraith of Edinburgh.  Spectacular location, full hunting, shooting and fishing rights and there's the ruins of a fifteenth century castle.  And more importantly there's an underground chamber from the 13th century. 

This is a second attempt at a sale as the original was for the woodlands and a 14 bedroom house, no one was interested at £15 million so the woodlands are going by themselves. The rest of the property is going for £8 million, so if you buy both you have quite a bargain compared to the original asking price!

But what is of interest to Forteans?  Well it's the thirteenth century chamber.  This is believed to have been built by Sir Hugo de Giffard (after whom the local village of Gifford was named), and Sir Hugo was a Black Magican and was know in his time as the Wizard of Yester.  When I say the chamber was built by Sir Hugo he did have a little bit of help.  From Goblins.  They were loaned to him by his friend and master, the Devil.  The chamber was subsequently known as Goblin Ha(ll)'.  Goblin Ha' is the name of the local pub as well but whilst you're guaranteed to see spirits in the pub the story of the real Goblin Ha' is a bit better.  It's hoped that the area will be bought by someone who is sympathetic to the Ha' but Scotland's right to roam does allow a level of access to the public.

The full schedule for the sale can be found here and if a CFI Blog reader does buy it I'd love an invite to the Ha' warming party!




image courtesy of M J Richardson

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