Fortean Property Portfolio

The latest item in the Fortean property portfolio is based in Sicily and was once the porperty of the self confessed wickedest man alive - Aleister Crowley.

For a mere £1.2 million it could be yours.

Near Cefalu it could best be described as a fixer upper.  It has been abandoned for years and has been overgrown.

Crowley moved there in 1923 after he was kicked out of Italy.  Whilst Crowley lived there it was the scene of many an orgy and Crowley decorated it himself.  That is he painted erotic frescoes which included men, women, devils, satyrs and serpents.  Despite the ravages of time some of these are still extant.  

The photographs are from Frater Kybernetes at











If you are wanting to buy it I suggest you hurry up.  Not because people are falling over themselves to buy it just it's in the process of falling over itself so if you wait too long it will be gone forever...

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