How to pay for your Fortean property portfolio

Ok, I've posted a number of Fortean relevant properties on this blog but I hear you asking how can you possibly afford them?  Well you could get a Fortean themed job, for example

Psychology: Postgraduate Research Assistant

Applications are invited for a 33 month part-time (20 hours per week) Postgraduate Research Assistant to
contribute to a Perrott-Warrick-funded project that has been awarded to Dr
Caroline Watt to investigate psychology of precognitive dream experiences. The
post will be based with Dr Watt in the Koestler Parapsychology Unit, Department
of Psychology within the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
at the University of Edinburgh

The ideal candidate will have a good first degree in Psychology or a related subject, possess experience of
conducting studies in parapsychology/anomalistic psychology and have experience
in recruiting study participants.   The candidate should possess excellent time
management skills, first-rate oral and written communication and interpersonal
skills.  In addition they should have solid IT skills, including experience of
statistical packages and manipulating large datasets.

Interviews will be held on 1 November 2010. The start date is 1 January 2011.  The appointment will
be made on a fixed-term basis until 31 September 2013.

Salary Scale:
£25,001 - £28,983 (pro-rata)

Further details at

or if you don't fancy that there's always  Germany

Thye're after a student researcher for 20 hours per week for archiving and analysis and will be of interest to someone with interests in the psycho physical and pyscho physiological fields.

From their website the reasearch carried out there covers

"Since the early 1970s dyadic communication in the
Ganzfeld ("Ganzfeld telepathy") is an established paradigm
in experimental parapsychology. Results of these studies
have often been considered as experimental evidence of
"anomalous information transfer", but there is no consensus
regarding the interpretation of these findings. We
investigated the possibility of anomalous dyadic
communication between human subjects in a Ganzfeld-induced
altered state of consciousness. In contrast to previous
studies, we did not instruct the participants to "transfer
information", but nonetheless obtained hit-rates exceeding
mean chance expectation. As of present there is no
plausible explanation for this result. "


"Psychophysics, according to the classic
definition by G.Th. Fechner (1860), should be "an
exact theory of functional relations between the material
and the mental, the physical and the psychological worlds."
We understand psychophysics as a mathematical study of
invariant structures of primary experience, which should
supersede the traditional notion of "psychophysical laws."
Our theoretical efforts aim at a conceptual extension of
the discipline into an "integral psychophysics," combining
the foundational ideas of Fechner and Mach with
phenomenological and anthropological approaches."

And one final job if you would like to work for the CFI!  But not this CFI, the other one!

The Center for Inquiry, a national nonprofit organization located in Amherst,
NY, seeks a full-time communications director to handle press relations and
publicity.Experience in public relations and/or journalism is required.
Applicants must be familiar with the organization’s mission and demonstrate a
commitment to humanism and skepticism. The opening is immediate. Salary will be
based on experience. If you are interested or know someone you think is
qualified please encourage them to apply.

Interested applicants should send a CV and one writing sample by
October 15 to Barry Karr at the Center for Inquiry,

So how about that - Scotland, Germany and America - surely one of them is of interest!

Now where did I put my CV...

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