Latest for the Fortean Property Portfolio

The latest house for the Fortean looking to extend their property portfolio is the allegedly haunted Wymering Manor at Portsmouth, UK.

It's being sold at auction by Andrews and Robertson on the 21st of September with a guide price of £375, 000.

For this you get a seventeenth century building with ten bedrooms and four reception rooms.  For the past 40 or so years it has been used as a Youth Hostel.  It has its own chapel and basement and apparently 20 different spooks!  CHartered surveyor Jeremy Lamb, quoted in The Daily Mail, said

"This is a property of some renown for being haunted, so there is a fair
chance a future owner may use it as a guest house because of the novelty
factor attached to it.
  It's certainly a unique selling point and not often that we offer a haunted house.  When
I surveyed it, the security guards told me they feel there is something
'fairly spooky' going on in the house and, though they patrol it on a
24-hour basis because it attracts lots of people who are intrigued by
its levels of paranormal activity, they refuse to work alone there at

The full lot details can be viewed here and if you're succesful we'd love an invite!

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