Fortean Lectures and Events

I like going to lectures and listening to things of interest to
those of a Fortean mindset.  But I don't always know when things
are on and I sometimes hear about events after they have finished
which is most frustrating.

To try to help this get around this problem I would like to start
posting a list of forthcoming events - perhaps even have it as a
separate, static pag.  But I need your help - let me know of
things that are happening and I can add them to the list.  You
can email me any events at

To help kick off here are a few events of interest


London College of Spirituality

Cheating the Ferryman

July 9th 19.00 - 21.00

Bloomsbury Baptist Church, London, UK

Lecture by Anthony Peake


Edinburgh Fortean Society

A History of Spirit Photography

July 13th 20.30 - 22.30

The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, UK

Lecture by Gordon Rutter


Society for Psychological Research

An Update on the
Forbidden Science

July 13th
18.35 - 20.00

Lecture Hall of the
Kensington Central Library, London, UK

Lecture by Richard

International Fortean Organization

FortScape 2010

July 17th 9.30 - 23.30

Peabody Court Hotel in Baltimore's Arts & Entertainment District,

A full day of talks including

John Anthony West

Peter Moon

Phyllis Benjamin

Will Fellows

Sue Swiatek

Larry Arnold

and more

Parapsychological Association

Annual Conference 2010

22nd - 25th July

Paris, France

Several days of Talks

Society for Psychological Research

Annual Conference 2010

10th - 12th September

Sheffield University, UK

Several days of talks

The Amazing Meeting

TAM London 2010

October 16th and 17th

Hilton London Metropole Hotel

A full weekend of talks including

Richard Dawkins

James Randi

Alan Moore

P Z Myers

Graham Lineham

Andy Nyman

Cory Doctorow

Adam Rutherford

Robin Ince

Susan Blackmore

Richard Wiseman

Tim Minchin

Marcus Chown

DJ Grothe

Melinda Gebbie

Stephen Fry

Fortean Times

UnConvention 2010

October 23rd and 24th

University of Westminster, London, UK

A full weekend of talks including

Dr Jan Bondeson
Paul Devereux
Richard Freeman
Lucie Skeaping
Charles Foster
Mike Hallowell
David Clarke
Ian Ridpath
Gail-Nina Anderson


Hopfeully we'll have a plethora of events and the shape of this set
of posings will evole naturally, rember - submit details to - you don't have to be the organiser, just let us
know of any events that may be of interest and we'll act as an
information portal.

Inclusion of events here is for information purposes only and does
not imply approval by the CFI of the event or indeed the events
approval of the CFI


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