Latest Fortean Property for Sale...

We've already brought you news of the Cottingley Fairies house and the House on Haunted Hill being for sale but here's a real biggie.  As reported by a number of news outlets the Amityville House is for sale.


Yep, that's the one.   Long Island, New York, the Lutzes, films, books, law suits, DeFeo murders etc.  Amityville, the house on the hill as the song says. 

For a mere (!)  $1.15 million it could be yours.  See if you can stay longer than the Lutzes!

So as an eccentric  Fortean billionaire you're on the way to building up a nice property portfolio - Amityville, Cottingley and the House on Haunted Hill (ok it was only a film but the real house is awsome). 

So what property is next?  And will I be able to afford it?  Or someone could buy it and donate it to the Charles Fort Institute as our headquarters - now that would be cool!


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