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A 13 inch Torah scroll yesterday

A few months ago, I created a spin-off from this blog, featuring only the better-researched posts, for various arcane reasons that I won't trouble you with here. [Clue: they're not unconnected with amazon.com's determination to rope in authors in its relentless trudge towards world domination.]

One unexpected spin-off of this decision is that I suddenly find myself with access to the wide variety of search terms visitors are using to stumble across my stuff. This is actually a little disconcerting, in part because it can be a bit of a stretch to work out how some of the wackier ones actually drive people to my work, but mainly because it's something of an eye-opener to see the sort of off-the-wall searches that are going on out there.

I can only hope the people searching hopefully for the following nuggets of information weren't too disapointed with what they actually found. I would imagine, however, that they were. Especially the guy (and you just know it's a guy) with a thing for giant prehistoric crocodiles.

• how to get superhuman strength naturally

• erotic executions by electric chair

• extremely crucified female slaves

• making miniature coffins

• giant penis of prehistoric crocodile

• birth defects of the earls of strathmore

• fortean trench warfare decapitations

• mystery heavenly body discovered washing

• 1900s casket shaped devices

• the devil is the father of deviation

• a medieval coffin like device one is put in

• ottersleben wind speed

• uncommon fish that start with the letter P

• coffins for the obese

• used lifeboats for sale

• fantasy nature girls

• victorian soot sacks with donkeys

• salisbury high street jobs as carer 

• quechua sleeping bags richmond surrey

• what happens if you sell your house and you dig up decapited st. joseph?

• paranormal sightings huge bat

• military headstone shapes

• looking for video shot from aircraft of huge tree trunk on ridge top

• red dragon getting hit with a rock

• reasonable torah scroll case for 13 inch torah

[Top: a 13-inch Torah scroll yesterday.]

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