Seven Fortean Wonders of the World

If you've been to the CFI homepage or read the editorial section of issue 226 of Fortean Times you'll notice one of our projects is now up and running: the Seven Fortean Wonders of the World.

A recent large scale project 07.07.07 involved the public voting for a list of modern day Seven Wonders of the World. And basically we would like to do the same.

The first stage of the Seven Fortean Wonders of the World is to collect nominations and this stage is open until the end of September 2007. There are two categories, merely to help focus the mind as there are so many things that could be nominated. The two categories are Fortean places and Fortean artefacts. The only thing excluded are people, so Charles Fort is out. However artefacts relating to people are allowable so the two skulls of John the Baptist would be allowable.

The nominations have to be emailed to the CFI address.

Most Haunted

Most Haunted has a lot to answer for.

All around the UK paranormal groups are popping up. It seems all you need to do paranormal investigations nowadays is a camera with infrared facilities and you can call yourself a paranormal investigator. From personal experience some groups are there for the right reasons - they see a mystery and they want to try to solve it. Others are there merely because they want to become famous. And some of these latter groups are the ones with the loudest voices. They get noticed by the press and usually held up to ridicule, thus ridiculing the whole field of Fortean research. It's a sad state of affairs but true. I've recently been out with an excellent group and I've been to some locations with them.

I've always had an interest in evp ever since issue 1 of The Unexplained (a weekly part work from Orbis publications) gave a free flexi disc of evp voices. I've tried it myself a number of times with very little success it must be said. I've listened to the Ghost Orchid CD until my brain has melted and I even have a copy of Konstatin Raudives original book, in German no less.

But now I'm about to take it one stage further with the purchase of a dictaphone specifically for evp. Previously I've just made do with what tape or minidisc recorder I have happened to have to hand at the time. But now I'm buying a recommended dictaphone - the Sony i300 as recommended by Ghost Finders and the American Association of EVP. Can't be bad.

We're here!

After some excellent work from Dino we're up and running. Many thanks to the guinea pigs Tim Chapman and Dave McMann who gave valuable feedback during the testing phase of the blog. Now that we're up and running it's up to you all to let us know what you think.



Welcome Tent Annexe

Bob has welcomed everyone and said a bit about the reason for the CFI being here, so I'd just like to make a personal addition to that.

After seeing the CFI through it's birth and first stages Bob decided to step aside and asked me if I would be interested in taking over the reigns as head of the CFI. I said yes and instantly gave myself lots of headaches. Thankfully they are now gone and the future of the CFI looks exciting. We've had and continue to have a lot of people working away in the background and they have all done excellent jobs. I'd just like to quickly publicly thank three of them - Dino, Craig and Paul. Thanks guys.

Creative energies have been channeled into the website and blog area that you see before you, now that this is up and running Stew and I will get back to the next newsletter - we still aim to keep that going, just another way to join in the fun that is the CFI!

Thanks everyone.

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