7 Fortean Wonders of the World - Round 3

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Round Three:
Voting Closes: Friday 28th December 2007

The Seven Fortean Wonders of the World will be announced on Tuesday January 1st 2008.

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Area 51, Nevada

Area 51 – also known as Groom Lake or Dreamland – is the notorious and unconventional USAF base in southern Nevada, also used by the US Defense Department. Because of the exceptional secrecy surrounding the base and its activities (mostly concerning classified aircraft) a rich contemporary mythology has developed around it, principally conspiracy theories alleging storage of alien bodies, reverse engineering of crashed UFOs and meetings with alien representatives.


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Giza, Egypt

This famous site on the west bank of the Nile, south of Cairo, houses the Great Pyramid and a complex including a royal mortuary, tombs and several smaller pyramids, all overlooking the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. In the same complex is another great and mysterious monument, the Great Sphinx, dating to the third millennium BC. It is possibly the largest stone sculpture known and the earliest. According to evidence of water erosion, it could predate the Egyptian civilization itself by nearly 2000 years.


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Oak Island, Nova Scotia

One of many small, tree-covered islands off Nova Scotia’s southern shore, Oak Island is the location of the notorious ‘Money Pit’. First mentioned in print in 1856, and periodically revived since, an unverifiable legend of uncertain origin maintains that a pirate’s treasure of two million pound in gold was buried there. Since 1795, more than ten unsuccessful pit excavations have been attempted.
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Rennes le Chateau

This small village in the Languedoc region of southern france is at the
centre of one of the most popular conspiracy theories of recent years.
It concerns Berenger Sauniere who was the priest there in the 19th
century and the source of his surprisingly impressive wealth. Beginning
as a hoax tale of lost treasure started by a local hotelier to drum up
business it has developed into a world spanning conspiracy to cover up
the existence of descendents of Jesus Christ. Regardless of the truth
of the tales told in "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" and "The
Davinci Code" Rennes has become a must see destination for tourists
interested in an alternative religious history.

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Probably the most famous and iconic megalithic structure in the world,
Stonehenge is a complex of standing stones, trilithons and earthworks on
Salisbury plain in Wiltshire. The main stone circle is constructed from
massive blocks of Welsh bluestone which were either quarried there and
transported over hundreds of miles or were carved from stone moved
closer to the area by glacial ice thousands of years earlier. There are
far too many different interpretations of the purpose of this and other
stone circles to be covered here but they range from astronomical
rituals to UFO landing sites!
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The Nazca Plain

The dry rocky desert of the Nazca plain in Peru is criss-crossed with
lines forming geometric and stylised images of animals created by the
peoples who lived there around 2000 years ago. These were created by
clearing the upper layer of dark soil to reveal the pale underlying
matter. The animal images, of which the most famous is probably the
condor, are created from single connected paths leading to the idea that
they were to be walked along during rituals. The fact that the full
extent of the Nazca lines can only be seen from the air has led to idea
that they were intended as landing paths or messages to UFOs.
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The Tunguska event was a massive explosion which occurred near the
Podkamennaya Tunguska river in Siberia, Russia on June 30th, 1908.
Eyewitnesses reported a bluish light which descended from the sky
followed by a series of loud reports and subsequent shockwaves which
knocked over trees and people alike. The first scientific expedition to
the impact site in 1927 was surprised to find that there was no crater
but that there was a region of scorched and battered trees about 50km
across. The most likely explanation for the event is the airburst of a
comet or meteorite but other explanations have been put forward which
include a black hole, antimatter or, inevitably, a UFO crash.
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Bigfoot / Yeti

The BHM (Big Hairy Monster) is possibly one of the most iconic images of forteana and cryptozoology. These are giant and hirsute humanoids, usually sighted fleetingly in some wild place, and are thought by some to be a relict population of a distant relation of ours, possibly a Gigantopithecus. The most well known of these are the Yeti of the Himalayas and the Bigfoot or Sasquatch of North America. The most famous bigfoot sighting was made by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin who apparently filmed a female bigfoot at Bluff Creek, California in 1967.
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Crop Circles

Appearing in a field near you, are these captivating designs communications from aliens, the gods or just a bunch of talented cider fuelled yokels? Either way they have inspired and mystified us for a generation. See for yourself here:
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Our Lady of Fatima

In 1917 a vision of the Virgin Mary was seen by three peasant children at Fatima, Portugal. The children were given a series of messages which were in turn given to the Catholic church. The messages have been revealed over time and the last has been interpreted as a warning of the attempted assassination of John Paul II.
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Piri Reis Map

Drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis (a Turkish admiral) the Piri Reis map shows parts of Africa, South America and Antarctica. It is anomalous enough that this map shows Antarctica before it was officially discovered but it in fact shows the coast line of the continent as it would appear without ice, which was last seen in approximately 4000BC.
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Shroud of Turin

The alleged burial cloth of Jesus Christ which bears a faint imprint of a crucified figure. The image appears more lifelike when viewed as a photographic negative. Housed in the Cathedral of Turin controversy rages over the authenticity particularly after a series of carbon dating tests dated the material to 1290 – 1360.
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Starchild Skull

The Starchild Skull is a potentially anomalous skull which some claim shows it be an alien human hybrid, others claim it is a human skull showing a combination of effects including hydrocephaly and cradle boarding. Lloyd Pye is the current custodian of the skull and he is ensuring that it is tested scientifically by as many different techniques as possible.
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Tesla's Devices

Nikolai Tesla was a Serb who later became a US citizen and he is best remembered for his many inventions particularly in the fields of electricity and magnetism. As well as creating many systems still in use today (alternating current and wireless technology) Tesla was noted for attempting to create death rays and for trying to beam power directly into peoples homes. There are some who believe he was successful in many more inventions than we will ever know…
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Strictly speaking a UFO is an unidentified flying object – merely something in the sky and we are unsure of what it actually is. For most however a UFO means a piloted ship from outside of the planet Earth, the so called Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis. The modern UFO era began in the 1940’s with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting and the Roswell incident. Since then many UFO’s have been reported and photographed, for some there is sufficient evidence for others not yet.
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Voynich Manuscript

In 1912 an antiquarian bookseller supposedly discovered an ancient manuscript in a still unidentified script. The manuscript was part of a job lot of books that Voynich had purchased from a Monastery. The manuscript was gifted to Yale University in the 1960’s where it still resides. Some feel it is an out and out hoax, others that it may be the secret writings of John Dee. Many other names have been attached to it over the course of its investigation and the believers and disbelievers seem content to disagree.
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